ORLANDO, FL – iGPS Logistics, the nation’s leading provider of innovative supply chain solutions featuring its lightweight, 100% Food Logistics Top Green Provider 2021 recyclable shipping pallets, has once again been named the recipient of the “Top Green Provider” award from Food Logistics. The company has also earned a repeat mention on the Inbound Logistics “G75 Green Supply Chain Partners” list, which is limited to 75 logistics industry leaders focused on environmental sustainability.

iGPS previously earned these industry honors in 2020, and also earned the 2020 Green Supply Chain Award from Supply and Demand Chain Executive. These publications recognize transformative companies that make environmental sustainability a core component of their logistics and supply chain products and services.

This continued industry recognition is based on the merits of the state-of-the-art iGPS plastic pallet, as well as the company’s nationwide pallet pooling solution. The iGPS plastic pallet is 100% recyclable and about 35 percent lighter than wood, making it less costly to ship with fewer greenhouse emissions. The company has repurposed more than 80 tons of post-consumer plastic into pallets — plastic that may otherwise end up in landfills or the waterways.

The iGPS pallet’s strength and durability, combined with the closed-loop efficiencies of the iGPS pallet pooling model, also make iGPS a greener and more environmentally friendly option for the supply chain. In fact, numerous independent studies have verified that iGPS customers benefit from an overall decreased carbon footprint. Committed to doing its own part for the environment, the company has sponsored the planting of 100,000 trees over the next three years in partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

“We are pleased and grateful to be honored once again by Food Logistics and Inbound Logistics for our role in pioneering green logistics solutions,” said Jeff Pepperworth, President and CEO of iGPS. “As organizations and consumers place increased focus on the value of environmental sustainability, more companies within the global supply chain have recognized the immense value of the iGPS plastic pallet pooling model.”

About iGPS Logistics:

iGPS Logistics is North America’s only pooler of 48” x 40” CBA-spec plastic shipping pallets. iGPS pallets generate measurable savings in transport expense, reduced product damage, and other operational efficiencies. iGPS’ platform is a major advance in supply chain hygiene — a platform that can easily be cleaned. It will not absorb fluids that can lead to contamination and never requires treatment with toxic pesticides or fungicides.

Measuring at 48” x 40”, iGPS’ platform enables larger load patterns and is ideally suited for automated environments. And it puts an end to broken boards and protruding nails that can damage equipment, endanger workers, jam production lines and litter workplaces. An independent life cycle analysis has documented that iGPS’ solution is better for the environment than both one-way and multiuse wood pallets. iGPS has been named a “Top Green Provider” by Food Logistics, a “Top Green Supply Chain Partner” by Inbound Logistics, and is also a recipient of the Supply and Demand Chain Executive SDCE 100 Award. For more information, please call 1-866-556-8103 or visit www.igpsstaging.wpengine.com.