Nestable Plastic Pallets Make Storage and Stacking Easy

Nestable plastic pallets are useful tools for managing warehouse space as they can be stacked into high, stable piles that stay out of the way until needed. Of course, when choosing a nestable pallet, it’s important to ensure that your pallet supplier is able to offer a sufficiently large supply of the same type of pallet, as pallets from different manufacturers won’t typically nest together effectively.

As one of the largest suppliers of nestable plastic rental pallets in the market, iGPS can supply pallets to handle just about any level of inventory. Using our pooling program, supply chain managers can easily scale their pallet fleet as needed and maximize their warehouse space

Preserving Space and Safety on the Warehouse Floor

Nestable plastic pallets offer a huge advantage over traditional wood block pallets as they limit wasted space on the warehouse floor and ensure safety by forming stable pallet stacks. Tall stacks of wood pallets present a safety hazard, as they aren’t built to stack on top of one another and may topple onto equipment and employees. Wood employees are also prone to warping, cracking, and changing shape in other ways that affect their stackability. Nestable plastic pallets, on the other hand, are designed and built to fit together in a way that provides additional stability. This allows them to be stacked into tall, secure piles, reducing the space they take up on the warehouse floor.

Because they fit together in this way, nestable plastic pallets also don’t require specialized equipment like posts and racks to form solid stacks. Choosing nestable pallets is an excellent way to keep pallets organized, whether they’re with the retailer awaiting pickup or in storage inside the warehouse. 

Why Choose iGPS Nestable Plastic Pallets

iGPS plastic pallets are versatile tools for any warehouse. Their nestable design makes them easy to stack into organized, stable pallet piles that stay out of the way until they’re ready for use. They also offer a range of other features that reduce costs, improve safety, and protect products throughout the supply chain journey. 

Lightweight design: Nestable plastic pallets from iGPS are made from high-quality HDPE plastic and weigh around 50 pounds each. As a result, employees can lift them without assistance and stay in compliance with OSHA recommendations. In addition, the light weight of iGPS plastic pallets ultimately reduces fuel consumption during transportation for truckloads that cube out, lowering transportation costs. In truckloads that weigh out, a greater proportion of the load’s weight can be dedicated to inventory since less of the weight being transported is pallet weight.

Unibody construction: Unlike traditional wood pallets, iGPS plastic pallets don’t have hardware that can come loose and damage products and equipment. Supply chain managers don’t have to worry about plastic pallets shedding shards, splinters, and other debris that could injure employees or contaminate shipments.

Embedded tracking: All iGPS nestable plastic pallets come with multiple methods of tracking, including barcodes, RFID tags, and unique serial numbers to ensure easy monitoring as they make their way through the warehouse and the supply chain.

As well as being stackable, iGPS plastic pallets are also rackable, providing a range of storage choices that makes it easy to optimize warehouse space utilization. Supply chain managers can take this a step further by choosing plastic pallet pooling, which outsources fleet management entirely.

The iGPS Pallet Pooling Program Improves Warehouse Space Efficiency

iGPS offers a pooling model which saves our clients a lot of time and trouble in managing their pallet supply and warehouse space. iGPS pallet pooling provides:

Comprehensive fleet management: As iGPS takes care of the necessary pallet cleaning and repair–and since plastic pallets are much less likely to require repair than wood platforms–managers can reduce the amount of space in their warehouse dedicated to cleaning and sorting platforms.

Scalable supply: Supply chain managers can increase or decrease the supply of plastic pallets they receive to match demand, eliminating the need to store a large number of pallets for peak seasons.

Simplified logistics: iGPS’ extensive network of pallet depots makes it easy to receive pallets and eliminates the need to send trucks to end retailers to retrieve used pallets at the end of the supply chain.

The choice to switch to nestable plastic pallets is often made due to space concerns in the warehouse. By working with a reliable plastic pallet pooling company like iGPS, supply chain managers can reclaim even more warehouse space. iGPS handles pallet fleet logistics for you so that you can focus on managing inventory.  

Durable, lightweight iGPS plastic pallets offer nestability and rackability to save space in your warehouse. To learn more, contact us at 1-800-884-0225, email a specialist at [email protected], or visit our contact page.