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Whether you’re shipping perishable foods and beverages, heavy-duty automotive parts, or even highly regulated pharmaceutical products, the disadvantages of wood pallets simply aren’t worth the potential costs to your business. iGPS plastic pallets are lighter and more durable than wood, and the absence of nails and splinters means a decreased likelihood of jammed equipment, damaged product, or injured workers. iGPS pallets don’t absorb moisture, so they remain a consistent size and weight and don’t harbor mold or bacteria. And our pallets are a great example of a circular sustainability model — at the end of its lifespan, an iGPS pallet is recycled into a new one. It’s no surprise that many of the world’s most innovative household names have switched to iGPS pallets and chosen the plastic pallet industry’s top pallet pooler to ensure their valuable products get to their destinations safely and without damage or contamination.

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