Bulk Plastic Pallets for Shipping

If you’re on the hunt for bulk plastic pallets, then chances are good that you already know the limitations of wood platforms in your supply chain. We understand those limitations. In fact, we’ve estimated that about $750 million to $3 billion could be saved on supply chain costs if all companies switched to bulk plastic pallets tomorrow.

While wood pallets are plentiful, they also contribute to product contamination, raise transportation costs, increase wear and tear on equipment, and are environmentally unfriendly. Wood might be the easiest short-term solution to meet your bulk pallet needs, but ultimately it’s far from the most cost-effective. For that, you need to look to plastic. Yet assembling a large fleet of high-quality plastic pallets is easier said than done. Your best solution is plastic pallet rental with iGPS. We can provide you with the right number of plastic pallets so that you can enjoy the long-term savings of plastic without the high upfront expense of building an internal fleet.  

Supporting a Circular Business Model with Plastic

Today’s corporations are under increasing pressure to adopt circular supply chain models which make the best possible use of resources while reducing waste in the supply chain. Wood pallets can’t support this type of closed-loop system, as they cannot be recycled into new pallets or resources for the business after they’ve reached the end of their brief lifespan.

When a wood pallet reaches the end of its useful life, it’s typically landfilled or in some cases ground down and used for mulch. In the case of softwood pallets, this creates unnecessary waste. When a company chooses hardwood platforms, the environmental impact is perhaps even more significant, as hardwood trees don’t grow quickly enough to replace those that are cut down for pallets. As a result, wood pallets are part of a resource-heavy, linear supply chain.

Reusable, recyclable plastic pallets, however, support circular business models. When the pallet reaches the end of its useful life, it can be recycled to create another pallet. At iGPS, pallets in our pool make up to 100 trips before they are retired, ground down, and turned into new pallets as part of a closed, sustainable loop that leaves trees out of the equation.

You Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Quantity and Quality

The biggest roadblock to switching to durable, hygienic plastic pallets is finding enough high-quality platforms to meet your business’ needs. Very few companies are capable of quickly supplying a large number of plastic pallets. If they can, it’s perhaps because they’re cutting corners and offering a low-quality platform that can crack after a few uses.

Companies capable of producing quantities of high-quality bulk plastic pallets are in short supply. As a result, companies can either choose to source plastic pallets from multiple manufacturers–which may create issues with uniformity–or pay a premium to purchase a sufficient quantity of high-quality plastic pallets upfront. At iGPS, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose quantity over quality or vice-versa. You should get both–and you can, with plastic pallet pooling.

The Benefits of Pooled Bulk Plastic Pallets

iGPS rents bulk plastic pallets through a pooling system that allows you to scale your supply as needed so you always have pallets on hand. This eliminates the need to store quantities of excess pallets that will only be used during peak demand. Plastic pallet pooling also takes the challenge of maintenance off your hands. If a pallet becomes damaged, it’s our problem, not yours, and we’ll quickly replace it with another fit-for-use pallet.

And, because we manage every aspect of pallet logistics for you, we’ll deal with the pallets that have reached the end of your supply chain and ensure that you always have the pallets you need at your warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility. Bulk plastic pallet pooling is an intelligent solution to your pallet needs which saves time and hassle, reduces transportation costs, and simplifies pallet management.

iGPS pallet pooling is a sustainable solution to your bulk plastic pallet needs. Our pooling service takes pallet supply and maintenance out of your hands so you can concentrate on your core business. To learn more about renting our high-quality platforms in bulk, contact us at 1-800-884-0225, email a specialist at [email protected], or visit our contact page.