Switch to iGPS Plastic Pallet Pooling

iGPS rents lightweight, 100% recyclable plastic pallets through a pooling network

Lower Cost
Save up to $4 per pallet load by switching from conventional wood block pallets.

Reduce Product Damage
No splinters or nails to damage products.

Reduce Carbon Emissions
iGPS’ lightweight, recyclable pallets have 30% less impact on global warming.

Improve Automation
With unibody construction & consistent dimensions, our pallets help your equipment run better.

Track and Trace
Easily track shipments through RFID technology.

Why Choose iGPS Plastic Pallet Pooling?

As a pallet pooling provider, iGPS offers the most cost-efficient and advanced plastic pallet-based supply chain solution for your business. We take care of pallet procurement, management, and recovery to ensure lower operating costs and optimum efficiency.

iGPS is for those who:

  • Want Lighter, Stronger, Safer Pallets: At just 50 pounds, iGPS pallets are easy for a single person to handle. They offer a higher weight capacity than wood pallets with increased durability.
  • Want Pallets with RFID Tracking: Each iGPS pallet is embedded with RFID tags that allow tracking and integration with supply chain and warehouse management software.
  • Want a Pooling System Serving the U.S., Canada, and Mexico: Our pallet pooling model takes care of sourcing, cleaning, repairing, and retrieving pallets for you across North America.
  • Want Responsive Customer Service: We place a premium on customer satisfaction and our customer service representatives provide unmatched care and service.
  • Want an Online Portal for Pallet Management: Track pallets or request pallet pickup with our convenient online portal for pallet management.
  • Ship 10,000+ Pallets a Year: Your annual shipping volume should be 10K or more to leverage all the cost-saving benefits of the iGPS platform.

Renting plastic pallets from a shared pool lowers your Total Cost of Business (TCOB) while allowing you to maintain higher pallet standards. With iGPS plastic rental pallets, you can create an optimized, cost-efficient, and sustainable supply chain.



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