Forklift carrying stack of iGPS pallets onto conveyor belt

Market Leader in Sustainable Shipping

Revolutionize your supply chain with the nation’s first and only all-plastic pallet pooling system. Our nationwide program offers lighter, stronger, safer, and 100% recyclable plastic pallets, simplifying logistics and creating a more sustainable future.

Revolutionize Your Supply Chain

Lower Transport Costs

Our patented 100% recyclable plastic pallets weigh up to 35% less than wood block pallets, which means you ship more products per truckload while spending less on fuel.

Reduce Product Damage

A durable design with no nails or splinters and consistent 48” x 40” dimensions ensures less equipment downtime, fewer rejected loads, and lower clean-up costs.

Improved Safety and Ergonomics

iGPS plastic pallets have no fasteners meaning no broken boards, nails, or splinters that can cause injuries — and they are lighter weight, making them safer and easier to carry.

Track and Trace Technology

Each pallet is embedded with RFID tags and bar codes that allow tracking and integration with supply chain and warehouse management software to increase efficiency, accuracy, and visibility.

Lighter Loads
Less Emissions

Compared to traditional wood block pallets which have a limited lifespan of 25 trips, iGPS plastic pallets complete an average of 100 trips (actual, not just lab tested) and have 28% less impact on global warming.

For every 100,000 iGPS pallets shipped, around 1,000 gallons of fuel are saved, reducing more than 20,000 pounds of greenhouse emissions.

Premium Plastic
Pallet Pooling Provider

Never deal with the headache of buying, transporting, recovering, storing or repairing a pallet again with iGPS Plastic Pallet Pooling solutions. 

We take care of pallet procurement, management, distribution, and recovery to ensure lower operating costs and optimum efficiency. 

Save time and costs with an innovative rental program

Track shipments through embedded technology

Leverage an efficient logistics infrastructure 

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