Orlando, FL – iGPS Logistics was recently named as one of the companies in Food Logistics Top Green Providers list. The Top Green Providers list focuses on sustainability in the global food supply chain with profiles of companies who are exceeding industry standards in their sector. This year’s list included grocers, 3PLs, cold storage providers, pallet and packaging manufacturers, software and technology companies and others whose products and services are elevating sustainability to a ‘competitive advantage’ in our industry.

“The 2015 Top Green Providers list is our largest ever, signaling the growing importance of sustainability throughout the global food and beverage supply chain,” notes Lara L. Sowinski, editor-in-chief for Food Logistics. “Applying sustainable practices in the agriculture, transportation, warehousing and retailing sectors is critical in addressing the environmental and business demands of the 21st century, particularly for our industry.”

“iGPS is honored to be recognized for our sustainability efforts by Food Logistics magazine,” said Jeffrey Liebesman, CEO of iGPS Logistics. “The iGPS lighter pallet which is approximately 20 pounds lighter than wooden pallets means less fuel consumption, a reduced carbon footprint and more products that can be transported per truckload. Using plastic pallets reduces the use of wood pallets, helping to conserve forests. In addition, because of the lower damage rates, substantially fewer natural resources are needed for repairs, transportation and handing.”

An iGPS produced pallet has an everlasting life as ‘end of life’ pallets are recycled into new iGPS pallets, keeping them away from landfills.

iGPS plastic pallets are cleaned as they pass through its depot network, which works well for customers using them in product sensitive manufacturing areas. There’s no protruding nails or broken boards that can injure employees or damage equipment and products, they don’t absorb liquids, are impervious to infestation, are 100% recyclable and the pallets are consistently uniform in size and dimension, which is an imperative, particularly in automated state of the art manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities.

Optimizing pallet selection leads to lower total costs throughout the supply chain. iGPS Logistics works closely with each of its clients to identify and provide effective solutions that eliminate, or significantly reduce, unnecessary costs in production and warehousing. Examples include; significantly reducing production line jams, lowering transportation costs, eliminating slip-sheets, improving safety, reducing workplace injuries and reducing damage to equipment and products. iGPS provides a systemic cost saving throughout the Supply Chain as well as sustainable and significantly reduce the impact on the Environment. All of these – and indeed the culture of the company – align with the sustainability objectives that are expected by today’s supply chain.

About IGPS Logistics iGPS Logistics is North America’s only pooler of 48×40 plastic pallets. iGPS pallets will generate measurable savings in transport, reduced product damage, and other operational efficiencies. All Gen 1 pallets received the NSF Certification for pallets manufactured between March 2010 and January 2013, iGPS’ platform is a major advance in supply chain hygiene—a platform that can easily be cleaned. It will not absorb fluids that can lead to contamination and never requires treatment with toxic pesticides or fungicides. Measuring a true 48” x 40”, iGPS’ platform enables larger load patterns and is ideally suited for automated environments. And, it puts an end to broken boards and protruding nails that can damage equipment, endanger workers, jam production lines and litter workplaces. An independent life cycle analysis has documented that iGPS’ solution is better for the environment than both one-way and multiuse wood pallets. For more information please contact us at 1-800-884-0225 or visit www.igpsstaging.wpengine.com.