CBS News reports on E. coli and listeria found on wood pallets.

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iGPS provides the world's leading companies with the most advanced and cost-efficient platform rental solutions.

Leading businesses across North America are experiencing game-changing benefits thanks to...

  • The world’s most advanced pallet — Lighter, stronger, safer and greener than multi-use platforms made of wood, and discretely trackable across the supply chain
  • Proven operational savings — Thanks to lower transport costs, reduced production downtime, and less product damage, iGPS customers save as much as $2 per pallet load
  • Easy implementation — iGPS customers begin saving immediately, and switching to iGPS is fast and easy

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iGPS offers the world's most advanced pallet – lighter, stronger, safer and greener than wood alternatives. Get up to speed on all Pallet Features and Specifications »

Operational Savings

iGPS customers consistently report saving $1- $2 per pallet load when they switch from wood to iGPS.
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See how your business can dramatically reduce harmful Greenhouse Gas emissions.

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iGPS is Setting the New Standard in Sustainable Pallet Rental.
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All iGPS pallets are proudly manufactured in the USA.
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