More than a pallet.

This looks like a simple plastic pallet. But it’s so much more than that — it’s a critical component of a more sustainable and optimized supply chain.

Combined with our nationwide pallet pooling rental program, the iGPS pallet is an extraordinary asset that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, minimizes fuel consumption, and can save you up to $4 per pallet load while streamlining every aspect of your operation.

It’s the competitive advantage you need to meet the business challenges of today and tomorrow.

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“Not only do we benefit from using iGPS pallets, but our own customers benefit as well. The receiving process is smoother and less cumbersome, and there is a reduced risk of product contamination.”

John Lamonica, President and CEO
Lamonica Pizza Dough Co.

“As a result of the iGPS program, we have increased efficiency and employee satisfaction and have achieved our objective to become better environmental stewards.”

Michael Allison, Operations Manager
Magnetic Springs Water Company

“We have been receiving IGPS pallets for the past 10 years now and have seen great success in this platform. The fact that there is low damage, no wood, lighter platform etc, has been well received by our warehouse team.”

Reverse Logistics Leader
Large Grocery Retailer