How Lamonica Pizza Dough Reduced Waste and Lowered Costs

When calculating shipping costs and fuel efficiency, there is a hidden factor you should consider: pallet efficiency.

Wood block pallets typically weigh 65-75 pounds, and this weight will contribute significantly to your total fuel costs, transport expense and carbon output. Reducing pallet weight can produce immediate savings.

Lamonica’s Pizza Dough, a historic family-owned company, discovered these savings when they switched to iGPS plastic pallets. Because these pallets are lighter, Lamonica is able to reduce the weight of every truckload by about 380 pounds, adding to both a fuel cost savings and reduced greenhouse emissions.

By moving to iGPS’ innovative pooling model, Lamonica’s also formed strategic partnerships that enabled the company to realize even more efficiency in their supply chain. Learn more about how switching to iGPS plastic pallets helped Lamonica’s reduce waste and lower their total cost of business.

“Because the pallets are more lightweight, Lamonica is able to reduce every truckload by about 380 pounds, adding to both fuel cost savings and reduced greenhouse emissions.”

Case Study for Plastic Pallet Efficiency

Efficiency assumes many forms. By switching to iGPS plastic pallets, Lamonica’s supply chain became more fuel efficient. And by eliminating splintered wood pallets, the company was able to reduce the clean-up time workers spent in trailers and on the factory floor. Additionally, the move to plastic pallets eliminated the risk that broken boards and splinters from wood pallets might damage their products or harm employees.

Lamonica’s found that iGPS’s online portal encouraged greater operational efficiency by enabling management to visualize logistics and easily create reports, monitor pallet balances, and order pallets as needed through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

By switching from wood to iGPS plastic pallets, Lamonica’s Pizza Dough experienced organization-wide benefits and discovered that plastic pallets are:



Easier to stack and transport

Easier to clean and sanitize

Stronger and lighter than wood

The Lamonica family has been in the pizza business for a long time, and they have been innovating their shipping practices for decades. Lamonica’s Pizza Dough is available across 5 continents, and now, with iGPS plastic pallets, Lamonica’s continues to create a more efficient and sustainable model for the next generation.