In today’s fast-paced world, industries from pharmaceuticals to dairy have turned to Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) to keep their logistics supply chains ahead of the competition. ASRS bring better picking accuracy, greater speed, and improved space utilization to the warehouse and make it possible to run an efficient warehouse with minimal labor. But an ASRS is only as efficient as its machinery. Any variable that slows, damages, or even just “confuses” the machinery will cost time and money to put right. The ubiquitous wood shipping pallet, with its tendency to splinter, lose nails, and absorb moisture, is one of these variables.

For a precise mechanical system, you need a precise pallet. The iGPS plastic pallet has consistent dimensions, a stable weight, and a rugged construction, making iGPS plastic pallets the best pallets for ASRS. Choosing iGPS’ plastic platform reduces interruptions and keeps the supply chain moving smoothly to increase overall throughput. iGPS plastic pallets work with your ASRS to provide:


The iGPS plastic platform’s rugged construction resists damage and reduces ASRS malfunctions due to platform failure.


Precise and consistent weights and dimensions reduce the chance of loads shifting during movement, lowering the potential for damage to the product, pallet, and ASRS equipment.


The durable construction of the iGPS plastic pallet uses no nails and doesn’t produce splinters or larger debris. This avoids Foreign Object Damage (FOD) to precisely calibrated automated systems.

The iGPS plastic shipping platform features a full deck with minimal gaps that fully supports the load and keeps product clear of lifting forks. This prevents product from slipping between top deck gaps and being damaged. iGPS pallets are designed to bend, rather than break, in response to stress or impact, which helps the pallets stand up to use by powerful ASRS machinery. All of these features mean reduced interruptions in operations, reduced maintenance, greater throughput, and a reduced Total Cost of Business, with a greater return on investment for ASRS-equipped supply chains.

Don’t try to use a low-tech pallet with high-tech machinery. The iGPS plastic pallet is the clear choice for intelligent warehousing with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems.