Better Pallet, Better Planet

As global warming concerns intensify, sustainability has become a core issue for supply chain operations. At iGPS, we can help you create a greener supply chain by switching from wood pallets to iGPS’ 100% recyclable, and sustainable plastic rental pallets with embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. And as your carbon footprint decreases, so will your total cost of business (TCOB).


Why Choose

over multi-use wood pallets

plastic vs wood palletA 2020 study performed by Environmental Resource Management, a leading global provider of environmental consulting services, analyzed the environmental impact of iGPS’ plastic pallets versus multi-use pooled wood pallets.


iGPS pallets are up to 20 pounds lighter than typical multi-use wood pallets and therefore require less fuel for transport. For every 100,000 shipped iGPS pallets, nearly 1,000 gallons of fuel are saved, and more than 20,000 pounds of greenhouse emissions (based on EPA fuel usage data) are prevented.


Wood pallets contribute to deforestation and the atmospheric build-up of CO2 — a major greenhouse gas. In contrast, “cradle-to-cradle” recyclable iGPS plastic pallets have  28 percent less impact on global warming.


Wood pallets end up in landfills after a limited lifespan of 25 trips across the supply chain. Plastic pallets, on the other hand, complete an average of 100 trips across the supply chain per lifespan. After its useful life, every iGPS plastic pallet can be recycled into a “new” pallet–a true example of cradle-to-cradle sustainability.


Plastic pallets are more durable than wood pallets, and they require little if any maintenance. As such, they are an ideal fit for pooling. The iGPS “iDepots” model enables participating retailers and distributors to optimize logistics by reducing overall trip distance.

a globe outline with buildings and energy sustainable structures

Unlike wood pallets, iGPS plastic pallets have no protruding nails or splinters that can endanger workers and equipment. Their top deck coverage provides additional strength and helps prevent product damage and returned loads. Additionally, embedded RFID tags increase the transparency and efficiency by facilitating pallet and product tracking.

iGPS is recognized for sustainable supply chain solutions that not only make our planet better, but also reduce your total cost of business. To get a quote, call our team a call at 1-800-884-0225, email a specialist at [email protected], or visit our contact page.