At iGPS, we are committed to creating a better planet by reducing supply chain carbon emissions. Our 100% recyclable plastic pallets can help accomplish your sustainability goals by providing an environmentally-friendly alternative to resource-intensive wood block pallets.

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Meet Your Sustainability Goals

An independent lifecycle analysis conducted by Environmental Resource Management in 2020 examined the environmental impact of iGPS plastic pallets and typical multi-use wood pallets. The study concluded that by switching from wood pallets to iGPS’ recyclable plastic pallets businesses could reduce their environmental impact by:


iGPS pallets have 38% less impact


iGPS pallets have 22% less impact


iGPS pallets have 28% less impact


iGPS pallets have 32% less impact


iGPS pallets have 36% less impact


iGPS pallets have 40% less impact

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Increased fuel consumption in your supply chain translates to a larger carbon footprint. iGPS plastic pallets are up to 35% lighter than multi-use wood pallets and require less fuel for transport.

Calculate the annual fuel savings and greenhouse gases reductions that you could realize by switching to iGPS shipping platforms.

In that same 2020 study by Environmental Resource Management, the consultancy concluded that by switching from wood pallets to iGPS’ recyclable plastic pallets, businesses could reduce their environmental impact: 

a stack of three plastic pallets from iGPS

Reduce Waste Through Recycling

Recyclability is at the core of our solutions. iGPS plastic pallets can be recycled into “new” pallets to create an eco-conscious, closed-loop supply chain. Since 2017, we have diverted 87 million pounds of post-consumer plastic from landfills and the ocean to create high-quality, recyclable plastic pallets.

Minimize Your Carbon Footprint With Pallet Pooling

Our lighter, stronger, safer, and greener plastic pallets can complete an average of 100 trips across the supply chain before recycling. The iGPS Plastic Pooling Model offers greater sustainability by eliminating the need for in-house maintenance, repair, and transportation of pallets.

Lower your supply chain carbon footprint one pallet at a time. To get started, give our team a call at 1-800-884-0225, email a specialist at [email protected], or visit our contact page.